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Having a sick or injured dog can be highly stressful for both the pet and the owner. It can be costly in more ways than one. Dog owners can face astronomical vet bills and sadly also the possibility of losing their beloved pet. These days it is essential that pet owners keep a couple of basic supplements in their medicine chest should an emergency arise. 


Preventative and Emergency First Aid

I recommend these two fundamental wonder nutrients:  Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate) and Colloidal Silver.

Both can be easily sourced online, from most pet and produce suppliers or health food stores.


In Australia, we have many species of extremely venomous snakes, poisonous spiders and ticks and having a First Aid Kit at hand means you are able to treat your animals quickly and cost-effectively.

A First Aid Kit is much more accessible in remote areas than a vet, generally speaking, is affordable, and easy to administer, so be prepared, especially if you live in rural Australia, it is a Must!


Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) it is extremely useful for treating a large range of conditions as is the multidisciplinary supplement Colloidal Silver, with these two products at hand you are ahead of the game.

Vitamin C and Snake Bites 

Pat Colby, a pioneering eco agriculturalist, is the author of several groundbreaking books, including Natural Pet Care, Natural Horse Care and Natural Farming. She has been researching, writing, practising and lecturing in Australia for the past 57 years, specialising in supplementary treatments for holistic animal husbandry and natural land management.

Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate) is one nutrient Pat regularly uses in her farming practice for the successful management and recovery of snake and paralysis tick poisoning. Her interest in the use of this vitamin stemmed from an American doctor, Dr Klenner, who researched this extensively on humans in the early 1930s. Pats studies also followed Californian Vet,  Doctor Wendell Bellfield, who carried countless case studies on many different dog ailments. This vet had remarkable recovery from often fatal or incurable diseases with the administration of Vitamin C.  After reading the much-documented research papers, Pat Colby used Vitamin C for a magnitude of different animal health problems.


These include treating dogs with Parvovirus, poisonous spider bites, several goats and an Alpaca, a dog in tick coma, tetanus, several cases of varied snake bites, all with 100 percent recovery. In snake bite, with the administration of Vitamin C, anaphylaxis does not occur. Snake venom is a painful way to die, it affects the nervous system. All systems shut down. If your dog has been bitten, it will twitch continually as if it has been hit by an electric shock.
Vitamin C can be administered via intramuscular injection or you can use a mixture of Vitamin C powder and water by syringe, into the mouth. It can also be rubbed into the wound or bite sight to stop the pain and can be given every half hour. 


The animal (can not) overdose on it.  Vitamin C can be given 4mls per gram, otherwise twice as much needs to be used. When a goat was bitten on the nose by a deadly snake, 1 tsp of ascorbic acid was given, about 5mls, mixed with water, every half hour for 2 hours. He survived and recovered perfectly. If a needle is going to be used, you need an 18 or about that, as the mixture can be a bit gluggy, but it needs to be injected quickly, so the 18 allows this. Sometimes, depending on the individual animal, it can be given for up to three days, every half hour, then every hour as the animal feels better, then as needed. Even a chewed up or crushed up tablet will work.

Please see Pat Colby’s book NATURAL PET CARE for full information and direction on the use of Vitamin C and other valuable supplements, in the treatment of dogs.

Colloidal Silver 

It’s anti viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and even anti-parasitic.

Colloidal Silver can be used to treat pet owners and their dogs alike. It’s a soothing element dating back to the Alchemists in ancient Medieval Times. Back then, it was used to fight infections before antibiotics came into play, and prevent spoilage before modern refrigeration was introduced.

Scientifically researched in many countries, over 650 disease-causing organisms have been found to be destroyed by Colloidal Silver.  Disease-causing organisms are single-celled, Colloidal Silver can suffocate and prevent oxygen in pathogens, therefore they are not able to multiply.  Silver, being an anti-parasitic ( parasites are single-celled), by simply adding silver to the dog's water, internal parasites can not multiply or attach themselves to internal organs…


Colloidal Silver is antibacterial, and as such helps prevent doggy breath. Any tooth decaying bacteria is destroyed. You can spray it on cuts, burns, (often used in hospitals) and wounds to prevent necrotic decay and rotting necrotic flesh infection.


Colloidal Silver speeds up the Healing Process.  It can be sprayed onto the snake bite site, where the teeth have gone in and caused the fur to drop away, the site of the fang marks is often an area of painful swelling and infection. (You can paste on the Vitamin C here too). 


As an antiviral, it treats Parvovirus remarkably. Can be safely dropped in the eyes for infection and in the ears to prevent and treat yeast. Add to pets bath water as it destroys funguses such as ringworm, another single-celled organism. Spray on raw bones and pet meat to prevent spoilage. Eliminates pet urine/vomit odour. Wash area then spray with the colloid silver. As a disinfectant, it cleans dog kennels, cages, pet beds, brushes, combs etc.

For maintenance and prevention add daily to drinking water, spray five pumps per litre, of Colloidal Silver for Pets.

For specific problems syringe directly into the mouth - small dog, 5ml 2x’s daily, medium dog, 10ml 2x daily, large dog 15ml 2x’s daily.

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