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​Diabetes is growing at an alarming rate and carries with it long term serious problems with eyes, kidneys, nerves and blood vessels. We all know about the Pancreas because we know it is involved in Diabetes and that it is somehow responsible for managing blood sugar through producing a substance called insulin.

Hormonal and nervous system messages are being exchanged between each system of the body and the individual members of each system constantly, all aimed at tuning the entire metabolism to respond to the day to day and moment to moment demands of this most complex of machines, the human body.

Pancreatic conditions seem to develop in individuals more from emotional causes, than most. In particular, an emotional deficit best described as a lack of sweetness in their lives, and I don't mean a lack of lollies.
Adult onset diabetes mostly comes on slowly and can be intercepted at any stage of its development if it is caught before regular insulin injection become necessary. If insulin has been used for some time it is more difficult to turn the disease around as the pancreas has shut down completely due to the insulin. It is vital to try to keep a balance of blood sugar levels. And reduce the likelihood of any long term complications.

Dietary changes and the inclusion of the two most effective herbs into that diet offers a real chance of rebalancing this sort of diabetes and rather than have to look forward to a lifetime of insulin injections it is worth a great deal of effort to make the changes required.

The two common herbs supportive of the pancreas are oats and fennel. Oats as in rolled oats porridge, which used to be a breakfast staple before the introduction of a myriad of less healthy, highly sugared and processed breakfast cereals. Fennel as in fennel seeds which can be eaten a pinch at a time as is common practice after meals right through Asia and the Middle East.
I see the pancreas as a more sensitive organ than most and when treating it, I rely on herbs to support the associated systems as much as those supporting the pancreas itself. This approach seems to work well and the pancreas seems to function best when all its metabolic partners are happy.

The herbs I include in the mix are: Chamomile, Oats, Elecampane, St Mary's Thistle, Bladderack, Rosehips, and Fennel.  To this mix I add the Bach Flower Remedies Walnut, Scleranthus, Red Chestnut, Wild Rose and Centaury.

20 drops three times daily of this mix taken with Chamomile Tea to which a little Fennel has been added will quickly give additional support to the pancreas and help it to restore normal function.

Sensible diet and eating patterns with oats included daily are normally sufficient, along with the herbal tonic, to stabilise the illness and prevent it developing to require daily insulin injections.

The long term emotional/ relationship situation in which a Diabetes sufferer finds themselves, and which is most often is a significant factor in the illness, may be the most difficult factor stopping one’s ability to get completely over diabetes but just accepting and being aware of these factors is a help even if one is able to do little about it.

About McDowell's Herbal Treatments
The last 20 years has seen major developments in Herbs and Food as an accepted course of treatment for Chronic Generational Ailments in people.
Modern Medicine is keeping up with trends nowadays of people seeking an empowered solution to their health, and their families’ health. Most people these days also acknowledge that their pet is part of their family.
The Founding of McDowells Herbal Treatments in 1987, began a revolution in the natural treatment of firstly horses throughout Australia, the business grew quickly to include dogs, cats and other domestic and farmed animals and began exporting around the world. McDowells now has an international reputation as the leader in alternative animal health therapies.
Over the last 15 years, Catherine has maintained the ongoing development of their herbal treatment programs. Her clients are testimony to the care and consideration that she gives to each case, and the reliability of the treatment programs.

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