The health benefits of green tea are numerous. Studies suggest that polyphenols in green tea can improve the body’s ability to prevent certain cancers and may accelerate the metabolic rate.
It is believed to be beneficial for dogs but please note that: Caffeine is harmful to dogs, so the tea should always be decaffeinated and dispensed by your holistic vet or herbalist.
For dogs undergoing treatment for cancer, the polyphenols contained in green tea may interfere with the effects of certain chemotherapy drugs, so consult your veterinarian about whether green tea is appropriate for your dog.
(Green tea should never be given on an empty stomach).

For generations, echinacea root has been known to strengthen a person’s defenses against disease. In dogs, the beneficial effects of echinacea are no different. Echinacea tea supports the body’s natural resistance to bacteria and viruses.
Also known as purple coneflower, echinacea accelerates the rate at which macrophages (white blood cells) attack potentially harmful bacteria in the blood. Echinacea consumption also stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps rid the body of toxins and other waste products.
Some dogs may be allergic to echinacea, so consult a holistic veterinarian or herbalist to determine whether this immune booster is ok for your dog.

Chamomile tea can help dogs in a number of ways. Chamomile is often used to treat problems associated with stomach upsets, including indigestion, vomiting and gas.
Chamomile is known to strengthen muscle tissues in the bladder and heart, and when combined with other herbs may enhance the uterine walls in pregnant dogs.
Chamomile is antimicrobial, its soothing properties calm and heal skin rashes, relieve itching, reduce inflammation, and accelerate wound healing when applied topically.

Licorice is a plant in the legume family. The root of the licorice plant is rich in beneficial properties that can improve the health of both dogs and people.
Licorice root is an effective anti-inflammatory agent for joints and sinus passages and a wonderful alternative to harmful corticosteroid treatments. The Tea has wonderful ulcer healing and respiratory properties when ingested by your dog, Once cooled licorice root tea can also be used to soothe skin reactions to parasite bites and on rashes, simply apply with cotton balls topically.

Ginger is very beneficial and soothing for your dog’s digestive system.
Add a few thin slices of ginger root to a cup of boiling water and steep for five minutes, let it cool completely, and serve a small portion to settle an upset stomach. If served in the recommended amount, ginger can also stop vomiting.
Too much ginger can actually worsen a dog’s upset stomach, so, as with all herbal teas and treatments, always discuss your dog’s health with a holistic veterinarian or qualified herbalist first.


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