Cancer...A War we are Not Winning

Dr Ian Billinghurst - Author of "Cancer, a War we are Not Wining"

And nobody is asking Why?

That cancer is a huge problem in countries such as the UK… Australia and North America (the western world) is beyond question. As a growing scourge in modern society… cancer continues to increase in incidence and lethality. Can we put a number on this problem in terms of cases as a percentage of the population? When we try to do this… it becomes surprisingly difficult. Do you count cases diagnosed…cases treated… cases seen at autopsy… deaths due to cancer or what?

And the answer is… It doesn’t really matter.
No matter what figures we look at, the picture is the same. This disease is for the most part out of control, resembling what are called Bushfires in Australia and, more dramatically, Wildfires in North America. This is happening despite the gargantuan sums of money we spend researching and attempting to treat cancer and despite any positive spin you may see hear or read in the media.


Year by year, growing numbers of humans and their companion animals are being diagnosed with this terrible affliction. Whilst this is partly because of improved diagnostics (and as you will see, even this is problematic) it is mostly because the incidence of this disease is actually increasing… and dramatically so. We are a long way from winning the war against cancer.

Predictions fail
When Nixon began his “war” on cancer in 1971, it was assumed that cancer would be a beaten disease by the end of the decade. That belief slowly evaporated as the decades passed and not a single target was met. This continuing failure has been in spite of the ever-increasing mass of chemotherapeutic drugs (including the so-called “smart” drugs), the vast improvements in radiotherapy and our ever-improving surgical skills.
None of these techniques are making any real impact on the survival statistics of our cancer patients.
Despite the billions of dollars spent on cancer research and despite the continual development of “newer” and “better” drugs, there has been no major benefit for either the human or the animal cancer patient. Our treatments often give the appearance of success but they result – almost inevitably – in cancer’s return.
And that new cancer is always… more malignant… more aggressive and more resistant to conventional drug-based therapy.


Oncologists mostly expect failure
It must be frustrating to be an oncologist. Most oncologists readily admit that all of this failure is expected and accepted… including the inevitable decline and death of the patient. And mostly not in a good way… despite the hard work of the palliative care nurses.


Benign or malignant?
Cancer comes in two basic forms. Firstly benign tumours, which do not invade locally and which do not spread or metastasize throughout the body. The second group are malignant tumours.
Malignant tumours, by definition, invade locally and have the capacity to spread or metastasize throughout the body.
However… apart from tumors such as benign brain tumors, which will kill because of their location, it is the metastatic cancers that are the major killers.
And one statistic that is of little comfort is that the percentage of Americans, Australians and Europeans dying from metastatic cancer has not changed since the 1970s.
That this is happening despite the obscene sums of money being spent on research and drug-based treatments, signals that we are way off the intended target of lifetime remission. The dismal fact is that not one drug has been developed that will actually cure metastatic cancer.
Having said that I should mention that there are some rare successes.


Any success at all?
Those who wish to extol the virtues of modern drug-based therapy will tell of the (limited number of ) cancer types that do OCCASIONALLY respond to chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.
Unfortunately… these are a tiny fraction of the overall problem of cancer.
More, unfortunately… even these apparently “cured” patients mostly live with debilitating side-effects from the treatment… together with the prospect that their treatment has spawned within them a future cancer…

  • One that is more aggressive…

  • More malignant and

  • More deadly that the disease they appear to have beaten


The outlook for our canine family members is – bleakly – exactly the same. They too are dying from metastatic cancer. And as with humans… their cancers are increasing at an alarming rate. And as with humans, there is a high correlation of this disease with the ever increasing levels of junk food our pets are consuming. The western diet is chock full of carbohydrates (sugar!) with little nutritional value.

So… despite some success, the question must be asked “Do we really know what we are doing?”
Cancer is second only to heart disease as the leading cause of death in the developed world. In fact it is predicted that by 2050 cancer will have overtaken all other health problems including cardiovascular disease.


The statistics are frightening
Between 2002 and 2003 there was a drop of 370 in the number of cancer deaths in the US. Sounds good? The drop was from five hundred and fifty-seven thousand two hundred and seventy-two to five hundred and fifty-six thousand nine hundred and two. That is a statistically insignificant drop at less than 0.1 of one percent.
Although this figure is regarded as NOT statistically significant, it was nevertheless hailed as strong evidence of the success of the war on cancer in the US.


As Ralph Moss pointed out in his landmark article “Our futile war on cancer” (16th December 2006 page 19 New Scientist) "If progress continues at this rate, cancer deaths in the US should be entirely eliminated by the year 3508...a little more than 1500 years from now.”

The rational course of action would be to change direction
With this enormous ongoing and accelerating failure on the part of the medical and veterinary community to effectively treat cancer, a rational mind would expect a change in course. However, this is not happening. Radiation continues. We continue to develop more poisons and our “protocols” use an increasing number of these poisons per patient.
And yet we know that the continuing use of both radiation and toxins to treat cancer is not only useless in the majority of cases, it is also barbaric. The treatment has become worse than the disease itself.
The usual course of events includes months, sometimes years of worthless and cruel treatments, followed by the death of the emaciated and emotionally shattered and skeletal patient.
Little wonder that a diagnosis of cancer produces an attitude of despair and desperation. Little wonder that for most people, cancer is a disorder not only of great mystery but one of the most frightening diseases of our times. And despite all of this staring us in the face,
we professionals – as a group – make no attempt to “look outside the square” of current conventional treatments. We fail to notice the collateral damage to the family… the carers… those people who have had to endure the senseless suffering of a beloved family member.
We ignore the accumulating evidence that points to a superior alternative that has the power to actually work when applied properly and do so with no side effects and a vastly improved quality and length of life. Our medical and veterinary professionals totally ignore the mass of evidence that condemns our current treatments as not only ineffectual but also as cruel and barbarous, producing more suffering than the disease itself. Worse yet, they ignore the mass of evidence accumulating worldwide that demonstrates the tools we have available to deal with cancer in a highly effective and non-damaging way.


“Pointing the Bone at Cancer” reveals that cancer is a mitochondrial disease – a disease where carcinogens, including a carcinogenic lifestyle, destroy our energy-producing organelles – called mitochondria. The loss of functional mitochondria in our tissue stem cells turns on an alternative programme of energy production, which triggers the endless rounds of uncontrolled cell division and mutational mayhem that eventually results in both the bloodborne leukaemias and the solid tumours we call cancer.

“Pointing the Bone at Cancer” details the mass of science that demonstrates cancer as  a mitochondrial disease. This knowledge  – knowing what cancer actually is – brings with it incredibly good news. Cancer cells are highly vulnerable to certain Targeted Nutritional Therapies. These simple but powerfully effective nutritional tools are able to starve cancer to death while at the same time they feed the patient – to life.

These Targeted nutritional Therapies  – their scientific rationale and details of how to use them are detailed in “Pointing the Bone at Cancer”. The even better news is that all of these nutritional tools are available right now for anyone to use. They are not expensive (unlike drugs) they have only positive “side-effects (unlike drugs). They cannot be patented – and – unlike drugs, they actually work!

Ian Billinghurst
BVSc (Hons) BScAgr Dip Ed
Veterinary Surgeon
Acupuncturist | Author
Educator | Nutritionist

The raw truth about Cancer - The war against cancer can be won - food can kick cancer’s behind!

BY DR. IAN BILLINGHURST The grandfather of raw feeding

Internationally recognised Veterinarian, Dr Ian Billinghurst has released his much awaited, and thought provoking new book, ‘Pointing the Bone at Cancer’ which guarantees to challenge current conventional thinking in relation to the treatment of cancer.

Current theories on cancer’s origins are failing to produce treatments that make any genuine impact on this terrible disease, while cancer patients (animals and human) continue to endure pain and suffering with approaches that do not work with the body’s natural processes. While food as medicine is not a new concept, the health professionals that have the greatest impact on attitudes to cancer dismiss this as unscientific.

This leads to pet owners and human carers feeling powerless when faced with a cancer diagnosis leaving them with little choice but to hand over their loved one’s fate to invasive and harsh procedures and chemicals typical of modern medicine’s approach to cancer. The war against cancer is not being won, because we are failing to address the underlying causes of this terrible disease. Dr Billinghurst will present cutting edge science, which shows that most cancers are a product of the same metabolic disease; mitochondrial malfunction, which has a metabolic/nutritional solution. The war can be won and yes, food can kick cancer’s behind!

Dr Billinghurst explains “Cancer arises when mitochondria in normal tissue cells are damaged by all the usual carcinogens. The damaged mitochondria initiate a process of reproduction normally used by stem cells. Once initiated, the process becomes unstoppable. However, cancer cells have a crack in their defences; they can only use sugar for energy, which gives us the power to defeat cancer using nutrition… inexpensively and without traumatizing the patient, something which current conventional approaches have been unable to be achieve.” This knowledge turns our current beliefs on their head! More importantly, knowledge brings power.

Dr Billinghurst’s book ‘Pointing the Bone at Cancer’, presents simple but powerful scientific nutritional remedies that are available to us all right now; these remedies, when properly understood and applied, have the power to defeat this twenty first century scourge. “My hope is that this book will result in an attitude change towards nutrition and that the knowledge and inclusion of nutrition in the treatment protocols used by oncologists and health professionals becomes a widespread reality.”

Ian Billinghurst BVSc (Hons) BScAgr Dip Ed
Veterinary Surgeon | Acupuncturist | Author | Educator | Nutritionist

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