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Psychologists confirm "Puppy Power" can promote workplace productivity!

It’s the news that working dog parents have been hoping for - bringing your furry friend to your job can be beneficial for your performance. What’s more it could combat a common professional issue – burnout, which 95% of HR leaders claim is sabotaging their workforce.

To improve productivity, wellbeing and engagement, many companies are allowing employees to bring dogs to the office, says Marcela Slepica, Clinical Services Manager at AccessEAP, a leading not-for-profit provider of employee assistance programs that offer solutions and support with workplace mental health.

“Multiple studies have shown the mental, social, and physiological health benefits of owning or interacting with an animal, which causes the body to release ‘happy hormones’ serotonin and dopamine that help combat stress, depression and anxiety. Additionally, pets have proven positive physical effects from improved cardiovascular health to lower cholesterol levels.”

Border Colleagues, Staff-ies and Miniature Deskhounds ...

are increasingly appearing in Australian offices adds, James Parkinson, Product Manager of Happy Tails: “People are increasingly looking at new ways to provide the best care for their pets and for many dog owners, this includes bringing their furry friend to their job, rather than leaving them home alone. Not wanting to cart pet beds, leads, toys and food to and from work, many are setting up a ‘barking lot’ at their desks.”

With 43% of employees wanting pets to be allowed in their offices and 39% claiming this would increase their productivity, Slepica outlines five reasons why businesses should allow (wo)man’s best friend into the workplace:

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