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Protect your dogs Paws this Winter

Olive Tree Organics Paw Protector is the perfect way to soothe and protect, those tired dry pads this winter.

Gently soothing and nourishing, use once a week or as often as needed. Apply this beautiful, natural product to your dogs pads while they are taking a rest and let these Certified Organic Shea and essential oils work their magic.

Completely safe to use even if your dog licks their paws, you will notice how quickly their pads come back to life.

Many people do not realise just how important it is to keep your dogs pads in tip top condition, just like our finger nails and hands or soles of our feet.

Your dog cant tell you himself, but he will appreciate that you understand how important these wonderful shock absorbers really are. Without them your poor dog would be a rattling bag of bones. The better the condition on the pads, the less likely your dog is to suffer arthritis and joint pain.

Use Paw Protector in conjunciton with a diet rich in Omegas to really help them stay comfortable and remain agile in these winter months.

Paw Protector is great to use on all Pads, especialily those who do a lot of walking or hiking, and its a lovely way to say you care. Take time out to lie on the lawn and gently massage in to their pads, then, watch it absorb and breathe new life into those tired doggy feet.

Together with Olive Tree Organics we are offering a great Winter Special with a 20% off, when you shop today.

Dont forget to stay warm, be kind, and love your dog.

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