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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Dogs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, is very under utilized in Australia, yet it can be incredibly beneficial in the diagnosis and treatment of illness in our pets. Listed below are a number of herbs that I consider invaluable in helping prevent and treat the root cause of illness.

Herbs that heal and protect.

Astragalus (Huang Qi) The Ancient Plant of Longevity and Strength.

Is part of the legume family and is a seriously fortified immunity booster for dogs. This dynamic little plant has 3 main elements that make it such an amazing powerhouse.

Saponins - that lower cholesterol and improve the immunity system

Flavonoids - antioxidants to fight free radicals and provide protection

Polysaccharides - antimicrobial and antiviral, a great first line of defense.

Its is beneficial for dogs with poor immunity or dogs that are recovering from illness or surgery.

Interestingly, Astragalas is also considered to be effective in protecting against lyme disease.

Probably the best way to give to your dog is to add it to a bone broth which you dog will just love.

Siler Root (Fang Feng)

This is another wonderful herb that can be used to boost immunity. It has also been used effectively to treat conditions such as Arthritis. This herb has antimicrobial qualities which assist in keeping your dog in overall good health. Siler Root is extracted from the plant and can be given as a powder in your dogs meal, its a great immunity supplement.

Isatis Root (Ban Lan Gen)

This plant is commonly used in Chinese Medicine, it is very effective in killing harmful pathogens (bacterium and viruses) that can intrude the dogs body and cause them to become ill.

You could say its a great preventative medicine.

This amazing herb is also often used to treat dogs suffering with respiratory problems, it has strong antiviral properties and will assist in reducing infections.

Ginseng (Ren Shen)

Most of us have heard of Ginseng, it is a well known immunity supplement for humans but did you know that it is also very good for Dogs? This wonderful herb contains an abundance of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to help prevent your pet from getting sick and it is often reffered to as the King of all Herbs, its life enhancing properties give your dog that spring in their step. It may also help dogs and humans with hypothyroid issues when used in conjunction with Astragalus.

Curcumin/Tumeric (Jiang Huang)

Tumeric is incredibly popular right now, it has been used widely for its anti cancer and anti inflammatory properites. Unlike NSAIDS Tumeric actually protects your liver and your stomach and can be added to your dogs meals regularly. Tumeric is available in most supermarkets in powder form and is very beneficial for both humans and dogs.

This is the main ingrediant in Golden Paste (it really is Gold)

Dang Gui (Ren Shen) aka Angelica Senensis

An amazing plant that is often used to treat illness and disease in dogs by reducing swelling. It promotes blood circulation and modulates the immune system, it aids in healing tissues and repairing blood cells, it is a great blood tonification herb. It can also be used as pain relief for dogs suffering with arthritis, having analgesic and mild sedative actions, that are calming and relaxing.

Goji Berries (Gou Qi Zi)

Not only are they considered a superfood for humans they are also extremely good for dogs as well. These small red berries are best absorbed into the digestive system after being soaked overnight in water. They are rich in antioxidants and amino acids and are known to help prevent the growth of cancerous cells, Goji berries can assist in reducing cholesterol and blood glucose levels in dogs that suffer with diabetes.

These antioxidants, minerals and vitamins assist in fighting free radicals and provide a great source of energy to your dog.

Goji Berries are said to be very beneficial for dogs suffering with dimentia and arthritis, they also help with resolving pain and soreness in joints and areas of inflammation.

Poria (Fu Ling)

A traditional herb used in Chinese medicine that is now being used medicinally in dogs. Its main function is to cleanse out important organs that your dog needs to be able to function well.

These include the heart, spleen and kidneys. Poria, is a great immunity boost for dogs due to its anti cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

Bai Zhu (White Atractylodes)

A perenial that is used mostly to help repair liver damage in dogs, it can also be used as a diuretic to help expel water and sodium from a dog’s urine. By introducing a daily dose to your dog’s diet this will help keep them very healthy and prevent blockages and illness from invading their systems. Rich in Vitamin A, this herb has mulitiple healthy benefits to your dog.

We need to understand that different breeds of dogs are prone to different types of disease, this is why it is so important to ensure they have good immunity through diet. There are many herbs that can assist in boosting immunity and if you use these herbs regularly in your dogs diet you will notice a huge difference in their overall health. Please speak to your holistic vet or TCM professional before administering these herbs, it is essential you use the correct dosage and understand the individual actions of these plants.

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