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Do you understand your dogs Bark?

I have a Kelpie/Cocker Spaniel, a crazy mix i think you'll agree.

Ive come to realise quite recently that when she barks, she is just trying to tell me something.

Its how she communicates!

I would worry in the past that she'd bark at other dogs and other owners would look at me as if Im a bad owner, but, seeing her in the park or at the doggie beach I know its just her way of communicating.

The Kelpie in her comes out when she wants to round up other dogs or play and there is a specific bark she does which i recognise is the one for this type of communication. I find it facinating to watch dogs talking to each other in this way.

As humans we tend to freak out at barking but we need to understand what the dogs are trying to say. I dont necessarily need to stop the kind of barking she does with dogs in play mode (unless its an aggressive bark), nor do i stop her barking when somebody knocks on the door at home or is walking past. Its her job to guard us, in her mind.

If the bark goes on too long i talk back to her by doing human growling. This seems to work.

Lolly also has an excited bark when she wants the ball. Im careful not to respond to that bark though and i will wait until she stops before throwing the ball for my gorgous ball obsessed crazy girl.

I guess Dog Barking is akin to Babies Crying - You just need to know what they are wanting at the time.


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