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Precious Water

Water truly is a very precious resource – Who would have ever thought it would become so incredibly valuable? Not us right, we thought there would continue to be an endless supply straight out of the tap, the tank, the sky right?

Who would ever have thought we would be drinking recycled sewrage? I mean Yuk! and how many people have stopped to think about the state of the pipes it passes through on its way to our gullets, or how many additives and heavy metals it contains?

A dear friend of mine once said her mum believed we would be fighting over it one day and she was so right, bottling companies are making a fortune out of it now and its not hard to see why.

Your dog should always have access to clean fresh water, ideally, it should be refreshed once a day. Try not to waste our precious water by only filling the bowl 3/4 full, that way there wont be too much wasted and when the warmer months are upon us remember too that your dog will need to re-hydrate so keep an extra plentiful supply at hand and preferably left in the shade. I keep a bowl of ice handy to add to the water throughout the day especially when its a scorcher, my dog just loves the fun of sifting through the ice cubes playing bob.

In my home I use a good quality stainless steel bowl for both food and water – they are very easy to keep clean and won’t leach any chemicals which is something well worth considering, we dont know the half of it when it comes to nasty additives and their side effects. Too many humans and dogs are getting cancer and we believe this is a very valid consideration.

I think its better to use a ceramic water bowl outside as it will help keep the temperature of the water down over the summer months, but you decide whats best for your family.

Something else to consider when travelling with your beloved pet is to carry a bowl when out in the car, try and use stainless steel they are quick and easy to clean and non breakable. As you know plastic bottles can leach harmful toxins such as BPA's when they heat up.

If you can, use filtered water, preferably alkalised, your pet will thankyou, results have shown that alkalising your pet can work wonders as it does for us humans.

Remember to keep cool and Hydrated with your pet this summer...

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