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Airlines need to ensure the safety of our Pets in Transit

Krishna and Neil Maccabee owners of a French Bulldog are devastated after having been advised that their beloved pet Bruno had died from apparent Heat Exhaustion on boxing day. Bruno, who was allegedly left unattended on a flatbed, waiting to board a Virgin Flight, at Townsville Airport. His owners are now demanding answers as to how he came to be left for some 40 mins in extreme heat, without shelter or the airconditioning they had been assured he would have.

"Virgin claims that all animals are held in Baggage Makeup areas, where ground staff can keep a close eye on them, where they will also have shelter and fresh water", this however is clearly not what happened in the case of Poor Bruno.

Now it appears there has been a second disaster at Sydney Airport for passenger Lucy Shearer who was promised the best of care for her Cavoodle Frankie on yet another Virgin Flight. The horrifying ordial took place as Lucys flight was delayed by 45 minutes, whilst on board the delayed flight the dogs owner Lucy spotted Frankie in a cage, on a flat bed, with another dog, also on the tarmac, unattended, in scorching heat.

What is going on Virgin? How can this happen once let alone twice? and how can dog owners put their faith in an Airline that has a duty of care to their passengers human and animal?

Dog owners need to be aware of the risks, as it is clear that despite the advertising and the reassurance from airlines, that their is no gaurantee for our pets!

We understand that a full investigation is underway and we would very much like to follow this up. It is just not good enough, there can be no reasonable explanation as to how this has been allowed to happen, whoever was in charge of these animals or those boarding these flights needs to be held accountable.

It is so sad and so incredibly dissapointing for these dog owners and in deed All Dog Owners, it is a tragedy that is unforgiveable.

#airportsafetyfordogs #travelsafetyforyourdog

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