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Sensible Feeding - without all the HYPE

Good Morning Dog Lovers,

With all the talk about RAW Feeding, we thought it time to iron out a few misconceptions so that you can rest easy knowing your dog is getting the right nutritional balance in his life.

As most people are (now) aware, RAW Food is best for your Dog, and i suppose we are wondering how anyone ever came to the conclusion that it wasnt?

Ill bet its all the advertising hype and product promotion that you have seen on TV and in Store, and yes theres the big supermarket shop that has a whole isle of over processed food and dried up treats that indicate to humans that this is what dogs eat. But come on people...


It hasnt really helped dog owners, that vets around the world have been promoting dried kibble as a complete whole food diet, A theory passed on conveniently by the Pet food manufacturers! Sadly, over the years weve all looked up to these people as being a Reliable, responsible source of information concerning our pets health!.. I mean they should know whats what right? This is how we all came to think it was ok, in actual fact no one was thinking at all, just doing, and that my fellow dog loving friends is very dangerous. (advertising companies get paid big bucks to create campaigns to make things look good) But if it were true that we were getting better and better why is it that so many humans and animals are getting cancer and sickness these days?

We are all living beings, we are not cartoon characters or sterilised lab creations, we need PROTEIN and Aminos and Vitamins and Minerals and these things are not sourced in Commercial OVENs.

This is true for all LIVING BEINGS! Humans are Hunters and Gatherers, and Dogs despite all the talk are truly carnivores who occasionally chew grass and will eat fruits and veges although many raw plants are not easily digestable in their raw form for dogs.

Humans Do Not eat just one food type, we eat a variety of food types that ensure a balanced diet. Its not rocket science that if you eat too much bread, cereal, cakes and biscuits your going to end up severly constipated and have a very sore gut. We NEED fresh living food, we need water based food to nourish our bodies.

Clearly somewhere along the way we got lost, completely lost.

Our animals need a similar diet to us, however, predominantely carnivore, so Raw Meat, preferrably not pork, or fatty meat. They love meat, they need meat, for their overall health and their teeth.

Using organic fruit and vege in their meals is fine but always wash it well before feeding, vegetable extracts can also be added to their main meals or if whole, may grated on top and mixed through, either way is beneficial and makes it easier for their digestion.

Feed your dog well, dont just buy dehydrated lifeless excuses for food at the local supermarket, give them a mix of raw meats, AND get creative, its ok to use a little cooked rice occasionally to mix in with fresh mince or sardines, just dont use too much, this is not a recommended.

Likewise if you have left overs thats fine, but if its cooked in lots of onion or tomato, forget it. They are not good for dogs. Neither are grapes, chocolate, cows milk, saltanas and raisins. Just do your homework "dont assume"

Neither should you feed them the fat off your meat, or the cooked sharp bones that can splinter.

People think because their dogs are willing to eat what ever they put infront of them that its ok, but its NOT!

Dogs have been domesticated and we humans think we can change everyone and everything to suit ourselves. this is how everything gets out of whack!

Just try to remember if you dont want a big vet bill in the future consider what you give your dog today. Over time just like humans food or junk food will eventually poison their systems and you and they will be paying the price later! Is this fair on your dog?

"Love your Dog Feed it Right" © and "Give it plenty of Fresh Water every day"©

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