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Consider your Dog these Holidays

School Holidays are finally here! Yes we have our little ones and older teens at home

with us for the next 7 1/2 weeks or so, oh the joy!

During this crazy holiday season, remember your dearly beloved pet is a living being and susceptable to the negative effects of Xmas and New Year Celebrations.

As a pet parent please be mindful of things like excessive heat, loud games or toys that get a thrashing over Xmas, squabbling between siblings, extra children staying over or visiting, fire works or balloons popping, these are just some of the things that can tick your dog off and it can all be a bit overwhelming for them compared to their otherwise quiet routine at home.

Here are some things that will help your dog avoid unncessary stress or discomfort

*If you have little ones, make sure you give your dog space from them, you may be distracted with so much going on and its important to give them a break each day.

*Always Supervise children around dogs, and teach them "Not to interrupt a dog" when they’re doing any of the following:

*Sleeping - Eating - Chewing Bones - Playing with Toys.

*Make sure your guest know these rules on arrival, you dont want to find someone gets snapped at while your serving the Xmas dinner.

*Introduce all children and guests to the dog early on in the peace and remind guests to supervise children around your dog, better to be safe than sorry.

Otherwise if this is not possible then, move your dog somewhere quiet away from little guests..

*Teach your children "Never to Tease a Dog" Remember accidents can happen with the most trusted family pets so dont leave your dog in a postiion of authority, dogs are fight or flight and you need to take responsiblity for both your child and your dog.

Lastly, lets not forget our Teenagers.

Get them to take the Dog for a quiet walk somewhere, to the beach, a nice spacious park, or to the bottom of the garden, this will be of benefit to both the parents and the dog...

Stay Safe and Love your Dog, Happy Holidays

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