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Why is sickness & disease increasing at an alarming rate?

FACT – Chronic diseases in our pets are on the rise! First we need a little background about the veterinary industry…

Stop for one moment and count how many vet clinics are located within a 15 kilometres radius to your home. (We have a staggering 19 veterinary clinics within my 15 klm radius which has doubled in the past 10 years) but yet companion animal ownership stats from council say the numbers have only just slightly increased during that period). Why so many clinics? Especially if numbers of animal requiring the services haven’t increased? Why are these facts, important to you and the health of your pet?

Most pet parents would be grateful that they have an abundance of vet clinics available to them. However, we as owners are paying a hefty price from our hip pocket and our beloved pets are paying with their health and it’s potentially shortening their life expectancy.

With a whopping 21.2% unemployment rate in the veterinary industry (according to the Australian Veterinary Association workforce review report June 2013) and the fact we now have 7 universities pumping out vet graduates per year we are seeing an oversupply of veterinarians into the workforce.

December 2013 Australian Graduate Survey (GradStats) Reported by Graduate Careers Australia backs up this finding. It reveals that, those studying Veterinary Science fared worse than those undertaking other, similar degrees, with one in five practices surveyed predicting gloomy economic times ahead as cat and dog ownership remaining relatively static.

This boom in graduates is an outcome of the establishment of three new veterinary schools that were built against the advice of the Review of Agricultural Services Report in 2003. As a result, the Australian Government’s Job Outlook reports a projected 59% increase in the number of veterinarians practising in Australia between 2008 and 2017. “The risk of oversupply is very real,” says Dr Deborah Neutze, national strategy and services manager for the AVA.

What happens when too many vet grads enter the industry but dog and cat ownership remains static? You have a high rate of unemployment. So the bigger question to be asking is, how do the existing vet practices survive to be profitable? Especially knowing the market is so competitive with clinics saturating such a small demographic area. The answer is easy - they over service the client, your pet!

A vet clinic is a business and like every other business it needs to be profitable to survive. High industry unemployment, oversupply of graduates can mean one thing, they need a continuous supply of sick animals to remain operating. The whole culture of pharmaceutical / veterinary medicine is to remedy symptoms which never seems to treat the underlying cause. So pets get caught in the revolving door of treatment and continuous drug therapy.

Should our pets really be this sick with so many avoidable diseases? Of course not!

So again what does this all mean to the original question– Why is sickness and disease in our companion animal’s increasing at alarming rates???

When your pet is sick we take it to a vet for diagnosis and treatment. In doing this not many vets hope to never see you again. They are trained this would be neglectful and unprofessional. Instead we see them load you onto a database, send you constant reminders for treatments and keep offering the same procedures that you are lead to believe protect your pet. This process may eventually lead to sickness and disease. That is right! Each time you give your pet a vaccine, heartworm injection and other multitude of pharmaceutical medications you are risking its own immunity and the very ability for the body to do its job to heal and protect itself.

The industry is designed by the pharmaceutical companies to keep you coming back for more treatment. They know how to do this very effectively as it is their business and they turn trillions of dollars doing it each year in both what they call human and animal health. Our definition of animal health is far different to that of the pharmaceutical, veterinary and human medical industries.

In today’s society we are so far removed from what is normal, we have this obscured view to believe that continual vaccination and the bombardment of drug therapy each time sickness of disease arises will win the war. Sadly it may win the battle for a period of time but it will NEVER win the war.

For example: The veterinary industry have conclusive documented scientific literature that show over vaccination causes harm. Yet, as it amounts to 14% of the average clinics annual profit, if they ceased over vaccinating your pet what would they replace this gap in their income with? You have been lead to believe your pet will die of disease if not vaccinated regularly. Vaccination is the trump draw card to get you in the door on a regular basis.

However if your vet drew up in a needle with the following would you consent to it being injected into your animal?

A number of toxic substances like mercury (Thimerosal), viruses, mutated bacteria, immune irritants, foreign DNA proteins, and chemical preservatives.

Would you still say Yes???

We see staggering increases in gastrointestinal diseases, cancer, obesity, thyroid disease, musculoskeletal degeneration, heart disease, kidney disease and the list goes on. We see so many common human diseases in our pets because the pharma industry makes money on the medications and treatments.

So if you think about it...

Take a healthy dog, offer it repeated vaccines, chemicals to prevent heartworm and other parasites, chew for ticks and flea prevention this is all circulating in the blood. Now add a so called scientific balanced dry food diet – which is hugely lacking in nutrient content and at best had synthetic vitamins and minerals added. Which is now changing the GI tract environment and we wonder why our healthy dog starts to develop a health issue. We head to the vet and the symptoms get treated with another pill or medication – seems to work for a period of time and suddenly the problem is back again and you are back to the vet. Unaware that the longer this continues the more damage is being done and the more risk of opening the door to disease.

Would your vet ever say to you… let’s stop the onslaught of heavy chemicals, we will detoxify your pet and take pressure off an over stimulated and fatigued immune system. We will make sure your pet is eating a proper nutrient dense diet and remove environmental threats, like pesticides, herbicides and other factors. We will learn what your dog is intolerant to as an individual so we can design a lifestyle for your pet to thrive and enjoy quality of life. We will use natural medicine that works with the body in harmony to heal and strengthen?

If the veterinary industry supported your pet to optimal health this way… we wouldn’t have 19 clinics in a 15 kilometre radius and their unemployment rate would certainly go up… It’s time for a change!

Canine Holistic Wellness Centre – Sharlene Goodworth

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