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Delicious Carrot & Parmesan Treats

If you are looking for a Nutritious Treat for your Special Pooch this Holiday Season, check out these Delicious Treats made with Natural Ingrediants that really boost their vitality.

Mans Best Friend Parmesan and Carrot Treats are baked to perfection with Tumeric and Coconut Oil they are a lovely golden Treat packed with goodness.

Why not stock up this holiday season and grab a 5 pack of resealable bags that will last you over the Xmas period. Order yours today and have them delivered to your door!

Heres what one of our Happy Customers Says

Have just placed an online order for Parmesan and Carrot Treats x 5 Pack.

Attached, is a photo of our Westie, “Bonnie”, who immediately loved these treats when we purchased them recently.

Bonnie eagerly responds when we ask would she like a treat. She immediately wags her tail and sits. She loves the ‘crunch’ and does not waste a crumb! She is out of them now and waiting patiently for the Postie to deliver her treats!


John & Anne McIntosh

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