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Halloween & Dogs

If you asked your dog, if your dog could understand english that is, would he want to be involved in such an event? Really?

Your dog is not a toy or a fan of firecrackers, loud noises or evil for that matter.

When you read the headlines about all the horrors in this world, how is it that humans find it humourous or fun to participate in such an event. Crazed clowns with machettes, headless bleeding children and adults parading mysery like it is something to celebrate, how could your dog find this fun?

Sending children to homes door knocking to gather sweets and chocolates from strangers doesn't really seem like something that is wise at all? Then there is the sugar rush that you will have to deal with, like red rag to a bull sugar is highly addictive and reactive in children, and, we are a nation dealing with obesity and poor eating habits encouraging our children to go get some sweets from strangers...

The history of Halloween is not something to be taken lightly, and the commercial benefit to shop owners is really one of the only upsides to this hideous event. (if you are a shop keeper)

If you are one of those people who like to do what everyone else is doing and have not considered the rammifications of being swayed by mass media then be aware there are risks, have you thought this through?

More importantly, businesses are plugging Halloween to sell up a storm, and hoping you will drag your poor little dog into this crazy affair. Hey its up to you and you are calling the shots, but perhaps its best to put your dog in a quiet air conditioned room, and stack up on sugary sweets as the hoards are coming your way.

Depending on your circumstances, your dog could end up very stressed, potentially eat chocolate wrappers or heaven forbid the chocolate inside. If you live in a neighbourhood where older teens or party goers are hosting a celebration of Darkness then at least be mindful of your poor dog. The headlines tomorrow morning may not be the happy ones you were hoping , we need to be

aware of the other side to Halloween.

Stay safe Dog Lovers...

#halloweendogs #keepyourdogsafe

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