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Rehoming your Dog - His greatest Fear

Do you know what your dogs greatest fears are? Its an interesting question isn't it?

But heres the thing. Dogs don't think like Humans they don't have a reasoning mind. They are purely instinctual.

However your dog can and will experience fear and anxiety when faced with abandonment or discomfort.

Abandonment and lonliness are the two biggest causes of Fear and Anxiety in your dog!

The animals who suffer the most generally are those surrendered by their owners.

It is fairly clear that personal circumstances, marital breakdown and financial hardship are the main causes for this incredibly heart wrenching decision, and, most people are too quick to judge others for parting with a pet, in all fairness there are genuine reasons in many cases and it is a very sad reality of life.

Fortunately dogs, unlike humans do not have the ability to reason, they do not have a questioning mind, they simply live to survive and although they can experience feelings of despair, fear or lonliness, they do not try to piece it all together, they simply seek warmth, kindness and comfort which includes a reliable food source. Animals are living in the moment. They do not sit on the sofa and reminiss and this situation can be remedied with kindness and understanding.

If they see you as the head of the pack, then of course they will want to stay with you, over anyone else, but if that is not a possiblity, then rest assured your dog is resilient and able to cope with change, they are designed that way, it is our human mind that wants to hold on to the idea that they are needy of us emotionally, truth fully animals are on a different path, level, plane they are instinctual and survival is their driver as a pack animal... Saying that they will always remember you but as with Horses, they will go to the hand that feeds them. This my freinds is the Truth. Man has dominion over animals on this earth, we are their caretakers.

Interestingly enough, now, because of our lifestyles many people treat them like humans and baby them, so of course if their circumstances suddenly change and they have to go without this type of attention they will fret, because quite simply its a level of comfort or attention you have provided, So, it is highly important that we provide this newly abandoned

pet, companion animal with a great deal of respect and care.

Ensuring we find out as much as possible about their previous owners, routines, family circumstances, etc etc.. in order to help them make the transition to their new owners.

It is heartbreaking to part with any pet, but there are, sadly, things that happen in this life that bring about change.

I think it is incredibly sad that so many people jump on the bandwagon of judgement and critisim of people who find themselves in this situation. There are no perfect humans and there is no room in this life for judging the sorrows of another and making things a whole lot worse for everyone concerned. Be kind people and weed your own gardens before you throw stones .

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