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Let Dogs be Dogs

Now that summer is knocking... well i can smell it in the air, cant you?

I thought it a great time to remind dog owners to Let Dogs be Dogs!

Sometimes we over pamper, over groom, over feed, over fuss with everything in our lives and many,

more so on their pets..

One of the best ways to keep your dog healthy is for them to play outside.

Dogs are born to sniff and roll and dig!

While you might find some of the doggie doings disgusting, they to the contrary find them delightful!

When they roll around in horse poop and weeds or muddy water they are actually ingesting many soil based microorganisms, kind of like a natural tonic or pick me up for dogs!

So next time your out with your dog and you see them rolling in stuff or eating stuff you find horid, remember this is natures way to help build a healthy immune system.

Happy Monday Peeps :)


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