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Have you seen a beige and white Corgi?

"Emma" the Corgi, was stolen from from a yard at Dalwood Close Eleebana approx 2 weeks ago....

Emmas owner, an elderly man in his 70s lost his wife last December, and he watches in hope every day at a local dog park in Spears Point that his beautiful 14 year old Corgi "Emma" will be found. She is microchipped and wearing a collar and tag.

This is heart wrenching so please if there are any sightings or if you can help it would be very much appreciated. The gentleman is grieving terribly.

Stolen Corgi Central Coast NSW

Could anyone out there who has seen or heard of a beige and white Corgi in the NSW Central Coast Reigion please contact us at Woof Mag or call Donna Maree on 0466 099 426

There is always the hope that someone out there has seen her or may be caring for her so lets not lose faith in humanity.... we ask a few prayers for Emma and her owner.

#missingcorgi #stolendog

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