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Intestinal Parasites

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Intestinal parasites are a fact; a distasteful fact of life. Most of us do not realise what a detrimental effect they can have on a dogs’ overall health, and can harm their host in various ways. Their excretions are a nerve poison and they share the hosts’ food thereby robbing the dog of valuable nutrition.

The signs for worm infestation in a dog

  • a spare coat, that is dull and lack lustre

  • a rounded, hard abdomen,

  • grinding of the teeth,

  • sleeping with eyes half open, coughing,

  • swelling around eyes in the mornings

  • vomiting

  • A ravenous appetite

  • not hungry

  • scooting of the bottom on the floor

The safest method of assisting an animal to get rid of these intestinal parasites is to administer a homoeopathic treatment using ABROTANUM 2x-3x or CUPRUM OXYDATUM NIGRUM 4x which changes the intestinal environment making it inhospitable for the parasites to continue to live there. Continue the treatment for seven to ten days. Give ABROTANUM3x to puppies and ABRITANUM 2x to adult dogs.

Do not think the treatment is not successful because of the presence of still live worms in the faeces. Worms will be passed on the 7th, 8thor 9thday of treatment. This treatment does not poison the parasites but changes the internal environment makes it impossible for the worms to be able to survive in the host.

The benefit of this type of treatment is that it avoids additional harm to the animals from chemicals.

For continued protection from a renewed infestation give a weekly dose of CALCAREA CARBONICA 200c for four weeks

In addition to this, make sure to wash and sterilize the dogs bedding.

Reference: HG Wolfe for this information.

Lyndall Clyne can be contacted for a Consultation by calling Phone 0401 186 128

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