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Jenny Harlow Separation Anxiety Dog Training Specialist

Jenny Harlow of Jenny Harlow Dog Training joins select group of 29 trainers worldwide.

Jenny Harlow, of Jenny Harlow Dog Training has achieved Certification in Separation Anxiety Training. Jenny is the first Australian dog trainer to achieve this international status. Created by internationally renowned separation anxiety expert, Malena DeMartini, “I’m delighted to welcome Jenny into the elite ranks of Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers (CSAT),” says US based DeMartini. “Separation anxiety impacts over 17% of dogs in the United States alone. It wreaks havoc on the lives of both dog and guardian alike, particularly if left unresolved. This particular disorder is not easy to work with, and having the support of a specialized trainer can make all the difference in achieving success,” says Ms Harlow. “Working with separation anxiety clients and their dogs comprises a series of steps to gradually expose the dog to absences, a process called desensitization, requiring daily adjustments to the plan. The means I work extremely closely with clients,” added Ms Harlow. “Due to the nature of the separation anxiety disorder the process is best to be done using online tools, which means that as a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer I can provide help to clients in any location.” Jenny Harlow became interested in working with dogs that suffer from separation problems after hearing Malena DeMartini speak at a dog training conference in 2015. Her desire to work with guardians to successfully resolve this devastating condition has been fully realized since completing study with DeMartini. “This is a difficult condition, but by working closely with the clients vet, with the careful roll-out of the treatment protocol developed by Martina DeMartini, which she has successfully implemented for hundreds of dogs, relief is possible for both dog and the humans who love them,” said Ms Harlow. “I work very closely with clients on a daily basis, to ensure the correct steps are being followed, which in turn leads to the best possible outcomes. Clients need a lot of support to get through separation anxiety with their dog. On top of the individualized treatment plan, client support is a big part of the service I offer.” In addition to working with dogs with separation anxiety, Jenny Harlow Dog Training offers premium one-on-one private training packages individually tailored to client’s needs, for all dogs from brand new puppies to adults. Client quote My dog Morgan couldn't be left alone without barking, howling and pawing at the door. Jenny has helped Morgan learn to be relaxed when I leave, and taught me what is required to help a dog with separation anxiety. Her support through the process was and is invaluable. Jenny’s genuine and continuing interest for Morgan’s health and welfare, coupled with her expert and insightful advice, has been exactly the type of support that Morgan and I have needed. It’s fantastic to see my dog getting better and better at being left alone. Simon of Potts Point Ms Harlow is available for interviews regarding pet owners issues with their dogs anxiety and is also available for online and on air Q&A’s please contact

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