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Can Dogs Eat Cauliflower?

The answer is simply yes! Cauliflower doesn't have a lot of taste to most humans but to dogs it's a very tasty treat.

Just make sure you only serve your dog the cauliflower head. Don't feed them any of the leaves or stems that come with it and make sure you carefully and thoroughly wash the cauliflower first. Washing it thoroughly ensures you are getting rid of any chemicals that might be on it, you can then decide on how to serve it to your four legged friend. Serving Suggestions You can grill it for that extra crunch 5 minutes either side, or try gently boiling or steaming the cauliflower either way will be just fine. Steaming the cauliflower ensures you retain most of the nutrients, whilst boiling it may lose most of its nut rltlonal value.

Feeding Raw Cauliflower You can feed your dog raw cauliflower however it does tend to make it more difficult for your dog to properl y chew and digest. You would be best to try these suggestions and see which one your dog prefers, some love it raw, others not so much, whatever you chose make sure you only give them small pieces initially so that it is digested properly.


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