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Joy Connell Pet Portraits …

Joy is an Australian Brisbane based artist who specialises in painting dog portraits. She is a self confessed animal nut and loves nothing more than messing around with playful pups whilst taking pictures and getting covered in doggy slobber, hair and paw marks!

“I have always loved dogs and absolutely adore painting them. They are so open, honest and full of vitality, its fun and challenging capturing that on canvas.”

Joy is regularly commissioned and is fast gaining a reputation for her portraits. She paints on canvas or board usually 40x50cm using oil and acrylic paints.

Client feedback includes “that’s him, that’s my Rumbo!” and “oh my goodness that is so Ciara, you have captured everything about her!”.

Its such a privilege to paint someone’s beloved dog. Tears often flow when people receive their portraits. A dog means so much to people, they are their friend, companion and often a lifesaver especially for those who are going through a difficult time.

Also a registered nurse of many years, Joy knows that the healing power of pets is both valuable and indisputable. Joy and her own dog Angel volunteered as a Delta pet therapy team visiting local residential homes and schools. “Peoples faces lit up when they saw Angel, she was a total star!”

To commission a Painting

contact Joy ph 0425 204 288


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