As a Holistic Veterinarian I see many pets suffering with a vast array of acute illnesses and chronic diseases, and one of the hardest parts of my job is knowing that many of these problems can be prevented by simply setting the dog up for a lifetime of wellness, with the correct diet, an understanding of the dog’s psychology, and providing for their basic needs.
Certainly a number of pets these days are bred with poor genetics and compromised immune systems, and there are pets who, no matter what their family does, still seem to suffer from numerous allergies, or bladder issues, or ear troubles, or dental disease, or musculoskeletal complaints, or a number of other problems.
But in the majority of cases, starting to incorporate wellness practices at any stage of life will do wonders for setting that pet along a path of health and vitality.  It is never too late!
I have developed a 12-step ‘Path to Wellness’ program that describes the core foundational elements required when setting up for a lifetime of health.  The steps all work synergistically, that is they complement and support each other, but all steps are required - if you practise 10, but forget the other two, there will still be weakness that can compromise the system.  
These are the 12 steps OF THE 'PATH TO WELLNESS'
  • Feed a biologically appropriate, balanced, natural wholefoods diet
  • Daily movement
  • Adequate rest and restoration
  • Daily sunshine on the skin (or fur!)
  • Pure air
  • Pure water
  • Barefoot time in nature, in contact with the elements
  • Avoid or minimise toxic drugs, chemicals, radiation and unnecessary vaccines
  • Promote detoxification, through fasting, exercise and other practices
  • Support the body’s natural healing powers in times of illness
  • Balanced mental state and meeting emotional needs
  • Develop a relationship with an experienced Holistic Vet to support your dog’s journey on their healing path.
If you would like to learn more about setting your pet up for a lifetime of health, just email  Let’s set your pet on their Path to Wellness!
Dr Renee O'Duhring
The Natural Vets
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